Farm Project Agricole

The GIE BASS-MALATOU already has 60 Ha of land in Koussi 3 following deliberation N° 07/CRKS du 09 – 15 – 2013 and its main activity is agriculture that account associated with a cattle fattening (winter) ie a feedlot operation in one year with use of pasture; the breeding of small ruminants; market gardening and forestry.

I- Presentation

The project is a working farm type driver integrated activities (agriculture-livestock-forestry) whose mind is intensifying its productions and create interdependence of the programs through a mechanism and synergy to produce over 12 Months 12 with total water control indispensable factor for this kind of project.
This project will also create jobs for the village youth through hands need to work it generates.

II- Location

Village Hamdani
Rural Community Koussi
Borough Diende
Department Sedhiou
Region Sedhiou

The Project Objectives

1) Overall objectives

  • Increase in cereal and livestock production
  • Increase revenues promoter
  • Curbing rural exodus and especially illegal immigration
  • Decrease meat imports, fruits, vegetables and grains

2) Specific objectives

  • 200 fattening cattle / year
  • emboucher 100 sheep and 100 goats / year
  • Perform 10 ha corn
  • Perform 20 thousand ha
  • Perform 4 ha market gardening
  • Perform 30 hectares of tree plantations including: Mango 5Ha – Orange 5Ha – Anacardier 5Ha

Employment is a revolution in the traditional extensive farming. This form is very simple and makes good business operation while the vast culture, market gardening and planting will be interdependent with a specificity of market gardening which will cover 04 hectares with total water control.

3) Justification
The department Sédhiou enjoys a climate of Sudano-Guinean characterized by the alternation of two distinct seasons; a rainy season of 5 months (June to October) and a dry season of 7 months.
Water levels recorded annually ranges from 1000 mm to 1200 mm per year on average. Temperatures on average range from 19 ° C in the month of December to a maximum of 39 ° C in May.
The abundance of grass cover and water points for much of the year offers a favorable environment for the management of livestock.
Les sols de type ferralitique (argilo-sableux ou sablo-argileux) riche en matière organique sont aptes à toutes les cultures.
Village Hamdani has more than 200 inhabitants and a youth representing 60% of the population or about 120 Young to insert into the socioeconomic fabric of the nation.



Years Activities to be completed Targets Cost



barn Construction 1) Participate in the fight against illegal immigration;

2) Contribute to improving the living conditions of local populations;

3) Creating jobs for youth

4) Promoting agroforestry and livestock for sustainable development;

3 000 000
Buy tractor and accessories 34 165 540
Buy 2 tillers and accessories 8 580 000
Purchase of small equipment 3 600 000
* Hiring a year 200 cattle, 100 sheep and 100 goats 34 000 000
* Breeding 3000 broilers per year 4 439 500
* Culture 10 ha of corn; 10 ha of rice; 10 ha Mil; 04 ha of market gardening and 5 ha Fonio 10 130 800
* Plantation 200 feet Mango; 100 feet of Orange trees and 100 feet palm trees 800 000