The Economic Interest Group« BASS-MALATOU »

SN_KLD_2013_0_301 is created on 05/06/2013 following a constitutive general meeting at the headquarters of that GIE located at Hamdany – Rural Community Koussy – Region Sédhiou to which took part a staff of 55 founding members

The GIE « BASS-MALATOU » of Hamdany wants to set up a farm. In the village of KAWSARA.
Its main activity is agriculture that account associated with a cattle fattening (winter) ie a feedlot operation in one year with use of pasture; the breeding of small ruminants; market gardening and forestry.
The project is a working farm type driver integrated activities (agriculture-livestock-forestry) whose mind is intensifying its productions and create interdependence of the programs through a mechanism and synergy to produce over 12 Months 12 with total water control indispensable factor for this kind of project. This project will also create jobs for the village youth through hands need to work it generates.

Overall objectives:

  • Increase in cereal and livestock production
  • Increase revenues promoter
  • Curbing rural exodus and especially illegal immigration
  • Decrease meat imports, fruits, vegetables and grains.