The village will be located in the southwest of the Senegal in the Casamance region Sédhiou, rural community Koussy behind the village of Fass Koussy 3 to Medina on a total area of 60 ha.
Sédhiou was erected in region by Decree: 2008-747 of the 10 July 2008 . It covers an area of 7529 km2 . Located west of Kolda is Sédhiou border from Guinea Bissau to the south and north of the Gambia, the regions of Ziguinchor and Kolda in the west to the east.
The Region is composed of:

  • Three (03) departments Sédhiou Bounkiling and Goudomp
  • New (09) arrondissements and
  • Ten (10) commune

Specifics of the Region :

Mainly occupied by the Mandinka (39.5%) and Fulani (19.9%), Sédhiou is also populated by swinging (13.4%), especially in its southern part separated by the river Casamance, Diola of (10, 9%), of Manjacks and other ethnic groups represented there even if they remain in the minority. Despite the cultural and religious diversity with a predominance of Muslim populations who share secular relations live in harmony and mutual respect.

The regional economy is mainly agricultural oriented economy. The agricultural sector employs more than half of the workforce. The dominant speculations remain groundnuts and millet. The forestry and arboriculture, including fruit, are a sector of hope for the people. Continental fishing, despite the scarcity increasingly enhanced the fishery resource, is, too, an important activity. The area also has a tradition of craftsmanship and commerce, and these two sectors play a major role dcommunesans the local economy.

The climate of the region is of Sudanese type, with heavy rainfall during the winter season, from 1 000 to 1 200 mm of rain. Crossed by the Casamance River and its tributaries whose Soungrougrou, the department is irrigated Sédhiou. All assets climate-that promote agriculture, the principal activity of the population.

The isolation is the main obstacle to development in this department full potential. The weakness of the road network (only 198.19 Km paved road) is the real handicap for the development of Agriculture.

The village where the orphanage will be located and the draft Farm Agriculture will not only be a major means of solution to the specific population of children both in economically and socially.